Nuneaton Town Centre

Design of a new pedestrian wayfinding scheme in Nuneaton

As part of the Transforming Nuneaton Programme and the Visiting Nuneaton – Changing Perspectives project funded by the Towns Fund, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council is planning a new wayfinding system with the aim of helping people find their way around the town and improving the environment.

The Visiting Nuneaton – Changing Perspectives project aims to provide an intervention that changes the perceptions of Nuneaton residents, visitors and employers and improves the connectivity between the train station, through the eastern end of the town centre, through to the green space provided by the George Elliot and Riversley parks. It will provide improved pedestrian and cycle access with accompanying improved wayfinding signage to assist residents and visitors alike to navigate to and from the train station, providing easier access to work, retail and leisure opportunities within Nuneaton.

Wayfinding refers to the variety of ways (including signs and maps) that help people know where they are, to find their way around and get to the places they want to go to. To help inform the design of the new pedestrian wayfinding scheme residents and visitors are being asked to take a few minutes to complete a wayfinding survey.