Corporation Street & Queens Road Junction

Improvements to the ring road around the town centre will deliver a 21% increase in speed during peak travel times, reduce congestion, improve air quality and improve perceptions of the town. Warwickshire County Council is the promoter and accountable body for this scheme.

The vision and objective of this project is to unlock a key development site by reconfiguring the existing three arm junction, into a four arm signalised junction, therefore allowing vehicles to penetrate the town centre from the eastern side of Nuneaton. The proposals allow for much greater movement by sustainable travel, and actively encourages cycling from the west of Nuneaton, into the town centre.

The Corporation St scheme entails widening at the Corporation St roundabout, along with localised widening of Newtown Rd, to allow less restrictive movement around the Newtown Rd/Harefield Rd roundabout.

Further, following engagement with the Nuneaton Cycle Forum, high standard cycleways will be provided along the inner ring road as well as improved crossing facilities.

Plans are also in place to utilise this junction to improve bus movement throughout the town centre and to and from the railway station.

Benefits will include:

  • Improved air quality
  • Reduction in congestion
  • Attracting economic investment and regeneration
  • Increasing the use of active travel
  • Catering for the increased transport demand anticipated through the Borough Plan & the Transforming Nuneaton masterplan

Funding: £5,557,000 from the Towns Fund, which will be matched with £2,000,000 from Warwickshire County Council.

It is anticipated that this project will be completed by November 2023.