Weddington Road Cycle Link

The Weddington Road cycle scheme project will deliver approximately 1km of new and enhanced cycling infrastructure for Nuneaton as part of a wider package of cycling infrastructure improvements across the area (the A47 Longshoot and A47 Hinckley Road schemes) providing safe, attractive and convenient connectivity for cyclists travelling to and from the town centre, rail station, education and employment sites and within a developing countywide cycle network.

The A444 Weddington Road forms part of the Major Road Network and has a multi-functional transport role that currently experiences high demand for travel, particularly by private car. The high-quality cycling infrastructure that is proposed for this scheme will help to unlock the potential for local cycling trips and reduce the number of car trips on the corridor and lowering harmful carbon emissions.

The Weddington Road cycle link will contribute towards the following secondary objectives:

· To increase levels of cycling for everyday journeys in Nuneaton which will be monitored through before and after counts using detailed and anonymous data, 24/7.

· To contribute towards Nuneaton’s Local Transport Plan objectives aimed at reducing congestion, improving air quality, reducing carbon emissions, and improving health.

· To deliver new cycling infrastructure to meet the government targets set out in the Cycling and Walking Investment strategy 2017.

As well as providing much-needed cycle links from existing residential areas, the Weddington Road cycling scheme project will support planned residential and employment growth in the County by providing the necessary sustainable transport links to encourage travel by active modes rather than by car.

Funding: The overall cost for delivering the Weddington Road cycle scheme is £1,903,390. The £200,000 match funding is committed from developer contribution via a S106 agreement, with £1,703,390 requested from the Towns Fund.

Completion is anticipated by the end of 2024.