Wheat Street Junction

The Wheat Street highway improvement project will reconfigure an existing three arm, signalised junction, into a four arm signalised junction, inclusive of associated improved pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. It will provide improved access to the A444 ringway from a key locked development site to the east of the town centre.

Further, the opening up of this junction will allow for the redevelopment of the Leicester Road gyratory scheme, in as much as, the renewed Wheat Street junction will serve as a diversion route whilst construction works are ongoing for the larger scheme, which in itself will improve air quality within the locale, and also reduce existing congestion issues.

Project funding: the £747,000.00 from the Towns Fund will be matched with £3,292,000.00 from Warwickshire County Council.

Benefits include: Improved air quality, reduction in congestion, attraction of economic investment and regeneration, increase the use of active travel, catering for the increased transport demand anticipated through the Borough Plan.

It is anticipated that this project will be completed by November 2023.